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08-Apr-2018 18:22

A young woman was walking down the street on a normal spring day when she noticed a child sitting in the corner and crying. Feeling sorry for the girl, the young woman agreed to help her and set out with her to find her way back home.

Luckily, the girl knew her address and had a general idea of where her home was. The front door was locked and since the girl was too short to reach the doorbell, she asked the woman to ring it for her.

Eventually, she got bored of changing the channels and not finding anything interesting to watch, so she turned off the TV and rolled up in her blanket on the couch and watched the snow fall through the large sliding-glass window in the living room.

She had only been watching the snowfall for a few minutes when she saw a man walking towards the window.

She immediately walked towards the phone and called the police who rushed to the scene almost quickly to investigate the scene.

Upon analyzing the premises, there were two things they observed: One, there were no footprints on the snow outside and looking at the rate of snow fall, there was no way that the footprints could be covered up so quickly.

She warns him to stay away from the room without asking any questions.

One night she realized that she had forgotten something in her room and decided to go back and fetch it.Many years ago, a man murdered his wife in the same room and her ghost now haunts it.