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17-Oct-2017 19:12

You probably remember him from playing Sandy Cohen on The O.

C., and he also returned with Stiefel for the Center Stage sequel in 2008.

Still, Pratt had another role lined up: She segued directly into playing Alicia in Drive Me Crazy, a romantic comedy that starred Hart and Grenier as friends turned enemies turned more than friends.

While initially introduced as the salty best friend, Alicia was quickly revealed to be the film’s villain — a turn Pratt relished.

It seems Susan May Pratt had more success as a teen actress.

In the year before she filmed Center Stage, she had actually been in 10 Things I Hate About You and Drive Me Crazy.

He's hardly done any acting since Center Stage, but I might note his IMDB page says the following: "Tall, built, handsome and striking, but as graceful as a man his size can possibly be, Sascha Radetsky has had a traditional dance history up until the new millenium. When it comes to movies, she had roles in Spider-Man 2, Ira & Abby (a cute indie flick with Chris Messina and Jennifer Westfeldt), The Nanny Diaries, The Bourne Legacy, and others.

Radetsky is not only a skilled and gifted dancer, but also a heart-throb and sex symbol in his own right." Sex symbol? In 2010, she voiced the character of Mother Gothel in Tangled.

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At the time of filming she was an apprentice with the San Francisco Ballet, later joining the corps de ballet before her retirement in 2006.

She was very much trying to kill herself so she could join Shakespeare in heaven,” the actor revealed, noting there was a scene in which Mandella furiously scratched at her wrists with the edges of a spiral-bound notebook.

“There was also this scene — You know Isadora Duncan? I didn't have any perspective on the business or anything.

Pratt portrayed Maureen, a bulimic ballerina who gets an attitude adjustment.

In Center Stage, she may have been the academy's "best student," however Pratt had no prior dance training to the film and used a body double for most dancing sequences.As for acting, he played Cooper Nielsen once more in Center Stage: Turn It Up, a movie no one saw or even heard about.

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