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When he does take the time to converse with his friends Garrett likes to rib them, particularly Lloyd and Randy, with him and Randy partaking in mutual back-and-forth banter; even should they be in the middle of a fight. " He further claimed that Randy would "ride a cracked plate".

When Lloyd, who was trying to goad Garrett into voicing his opinion on how Tiffany looked, Lloyd instead claims he will ask Randy for his opinion when Garrett proves unresponsive. When he was injured by a Hollow and rescued by Tiffany, he woke up in her home the following morning.

Marisa managed to break him out of his depression however and Garrett once more stepped into the role of protector.

Garrett eventually allied himself with the Shinsengumi and came to lead the Grat cell of Onmitsu.

When competing in martial arts events Garrett dons a personalized white-coloured gi that echoes his father's style, as well as the style that is favoured by Ries Nohr.

His uniform sports a heavier cotton jacket and reinforced trousers, similar to gi worn in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. And it isn't out of fear of what you'll do to me if I did: you're my old man, at the end of the day.

Throughout Part III of the series Garrett was a close friend of both Hawke Kori and David Kori, and fought at their side frequently against Hollow and other supernatural threats, having received his initial spiritual training from Anko Amatsuki and her sister Marisa.

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This has gotten to the point that Garrett complains about phantom pain in his body when all his injuries where healed by Anko Amatsuki, leading Tiffany state that he has a bad habit when it comes to complaining.

He attended the high-school in Grat and was a semi-professional boxer and mixed martial artist, having once been a self-taught amateur.

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